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American Language Services has one of the most highly qualified and well-rounded interpreting departments in the world. Our database of interpreters is one of the largest in the country, with tens of thousands of certified, credentialed and experienced professionals ready to service your every language need. Our expert project managers will work with you one-on-one to ensure that your event exceeds all of your expectations.

You don’t have to take my word on that: just have a look at our client list. The following companies have recently trusted us with all of their interpreting needs, including project management, interpreting, equipment, and on-site technical support. American Language Services provides the full package.

We provided Harvard University with highly qualified Mandarin interpreters for their annual Harvard China Forum, a global conference that encourages dialogue and communication on the issues facing modern China. We also provided a booth and 200 headsets for the attendees. As with all our events, we also provided full on-site technical support via our veteran technicians and audio engineers.

We also provided Japanese interpreters, booths, headsets, and transmitters, and technicians to set up to and trouble shoot all equipment for Louis Vuitton at a large 3 day event taking place at the beautiful Aria Hotel in Las Vegas.

Do you need more than one language? No problem! We can comfortably handle as many as you would like. DPEM Event Marketing recently requested the following languages for a two day event at the Federal Reserve in San Francisco: Czech, Russian, Italian, Spanish, French, Turkish, Brazilian Portuguese, Korean, and Vietnamese. We also provided booths for all 9 languages as well as headsets, receivers, and supporting technicians.

As you can see, our clients trust us to deliver on our promises – whether you need expertise or a plethora of languages, we will continue our three decade track record of extraordinary service.

American Language Services is a proud provider of interpretation, translation, transcription and media services to private industry government at all levels, education and non-profit organizations. Our thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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Hearing Voices? Thank…. American Language Services

Many of our clients know American Language Services for our industry leading foreign-language translation and interpretation services and our breadth of expert linguists who work in nearly every language on earth. But we’ve also earned an excellent reputation for our media services: dubbing, voiceovers & subtitling.

You may have already seen or heard our work without even knowing it while you watched your favorite TV show or movie. By blending the work of our talented dubbing artists with the latest sound and image technologies, American Languages Services produces some of the best dubbing and voiceover work in the industry.

Most recently, we were involved in the new full-length Lego movie. You are probably already familiar with the popular line of construction toys manufactured by Denmark-based The Lego Group. But the little figures have now made their way onto the big screen in a major motion picture. The Lego Movie, debuting in February, features the voices of Will Arnett, Will Ferrell. Morgan Freeman, Jonah Hill and even Liam Neeson. American Language Services was honored to provide voiceover services for the film’s trailer. And although we live the glitz and glamour of show business, our media services aren’t just for “Lego block busters.”

TGIF, the U.S based restaurant chain with over 920 restaurants in 62 countries, does a lot of staff training. When new employees are watching training videos on restaurant safety, they’ll be enjoying the voiceover talent and expertise of American Language Services. We’ll be helping them keep the TGIF promise as a place to meet people, celebrate life and have a good time. But even if you don’t catch the Lego movies or get a job at TGIF, there are other ways to hear our voiceover & dubbing work.

Have you ever been in a casino and talked to your slot machine? Pleaded with it when your luck was bad, praised it when you hit a jackpot? Well, if it talked back, you might have American Language Services to thank (or, maybe you just had too much to drink).

ISD games, provider of slot machines in the United States and Norway, called on us to give a voice to their slot machines, improving the gaming experience and excitement for thousands of players. So the next time a slot machine commends you for a job well done, you may have just had an American Language Services experience.

From media services to translation and interpretation, even American Sign Language, American Language Services has become the trusted source for our clients who rely on us year after year to get their message out loud and clear. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.

American Language Services is a proud provider of translation, interpretation, transcription and media services to private industry government at all levels, education and non-profit organizations. With more than 240 languages, thousands of linguists around the world and teams of dedicated professionals are ready to serve.

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President Clinton Speaks to Finance, Tech Pros at Fiserv Forum

AML-Global delivers top-quality interpretation services to international audience

Continuing on its path of providing language interpretation services in some exciting venues for international audiences, American Language Services supplied language interpretation services at another successful event in Las Vegas, Nevada, in April. The event, Fiserv Solutions, Inc.’s April 22 – 25 Conference at the Las Vegas Venetian. It was AML-Global’s second event this year featuring keynote speaker President Bill Clinton.

Fiserv, a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, assembled an impressive lineup of speakers to address the audience of more than 3,500 financial and technology professionals at the four-day Forum 2012 spring client conference.

President Clinton, Founder of the William J. Clinton Foundation and 42nd President of the United States, addressed the conference on April 24. His speech was titled “Embracing Our Common Humanity.”

President Clinton’s public speeches typically describe the challenge of globalization, emphasize our growing interdependence, and point the way toward a common future based on shared goals and values. His is a powerful voice for progress around the world as he shares his unique insights and observations.

The event, the first Expo of its kind, offered is a powerful voice for progress around the world as he shares his unique insights and observations hearing professional from around the world an opportunity to gather, exchange idea and learn about the newest innovations in hearing technologies.

American Languages Services, a top-level provider of conference interpretation, language interpretation, ASL interpretation, transcription services as well as multi-media services, provided two Spanish and two Brazilian Portuguese interpreters to the conference. Language interpretation was conveyed via two encapsulated booths, and 60 headsets and receivers, which were maintained by one technician. AML-Global provided the equipment and the technician for the event.

The proper sort of equipment is crucial in providing effective conference interpretation services, because without professional-quality transmitters, which may include PFM-T32-16 Channel with Microphone Body Pack Transmitter with mute switch, 16-Channel and headsets – the HED 021 – Deluxe Folding Headsets & 8-Channel WB 3V Receiver, for instance — speech interpretations cannot be effectively conveyed, and in all likelihood members of the audience in need of language translation services are apt to miss crucial parts of the proceedings.

Headsets and transmitters allow interpreters who are in charge of conveying the speakers’ words to the audience can provide simultaneous interpretations of the conference proceedings for a multilingual audience, but Fully Encapsulated Booths & Transmission Equipment help ensure that the presence of different interpreters does not become a noisy distraction for the entire audience. Instead, the carefully arranged equipment allows interpreters to channel interpreted speech to the correct spectators. Different radio channels enable interpreters to broadcast the proceedings on discreet radio frequencies, which allows all of those requiring language assistance to tune into the channel of language that each understands. AML-Global also provides Table Top Sound Reduction Booths & Transmission Equipment.

American Language Services owns its own equipment for interpretation, and maintains warehouses of equipment situated in key locations around the country. Because of this, AML-Global can deliver equipment quickly, especially when there are tight deadlines. Also, conference producers save money on shipping when the distance from the warehouse to the conference is short. American Language Services not only provides interpretation services in Spanish and Portuguese, it also frequently provides services in Japanese interpretation, Chinese interpretation, Tagalog interpretation, Vietnamese interpretation, Thai interpretation, Hindi interpretation, Greek interpretation, Tibetan interpretation, Hungarian interpretation, Hebrew interpretation and Danish interpretation.

In addition to conference interpretation, American Language Services also performs convention interpreting, education interpreting, business meeting interpreting, medical interpreting, legal interpreting and contract negotiation interpreting.

Fareed Zakaria, described by Esquire magazine as “the most influential foreign policy adviser of his generation,” shared insights on “The New Global Landscape.” Zakaria is editor-at-large of Time magazine, a weekly host for CNN and a regular columnist for The Washington Post.

Hewlett-Packard’s Discover Draws International Audience

ALS Was On Hand to Provide Interpretation Services for a Top Technology Industry Event in Las Vegas Attended by Thousands

Members of just about every industry group in the world are likely to attend conferences and other kinds of industry meetings to stay in touch with current business trends, and also to meet new people in their industries and to strengthen ties with those who they are already acquainted. When top technology firms look for conference interpreters, they come to American Language Services to provide the best in language services.

AML-Global was brought on board to provide language interpretation at Hewlett-Packard’s recent conference that was attended by thousands from all over the world. At HP Discover 2012 at the Venetian in Las Vegas, attendees learned how Converged Cloud, Information Optimization, Security, and Risk Management will shape the next decade of IT. Obviously, the level of discussion was quite technical in nature, and those attending the event were all highly knowledgeable about the subject matter, such as cloud computing, that was being discussed.

So, it was of the greatest importance that the interpreters charged with channeling the vast quantities of complex information to attendees in their native languages would be expert in their linguistic skills, and also highly familiar with the technology being discussed. After all, without a good sense of the topics being discussed it would be easy to misunderstand the information being conveyed, and in turn the interpreter might communicate an inaccurate or unclear representation of what the speaker using English were saying.

During the course of the conference, American Language Services provided two Korean interpreters, two Japanese interpreters and two Mandarin interpreters. Interpreters typically work in pairs when assignments are longer than two hours in duration because that allows the interpreters to switch off and rest between demanding sessions of language interpretation. The AML-Global interpreters came through for the conference goers and provided flawless interpretation services.

Sometimes interpretation work requires more than just the skilled linguists who can ably communicate the thoughts and ideas being expressed in the source language and communicate the content and tone of the speech. In conference-type settings interpreters may need specialized equipment in order to provide the optimal experience for conference attendees who are in need of language interpretation, and also for those who do not require those services. That means isolating the translator from the conference attendees AML-Global was on hand to provide interpretation services for a top technology industry so that spectators will not be distracted by the interpreter’s speech while speakers are addressing the audience.

In conference-type meeting the interpreter will sit in an isolation booth, which prevents the sound of the translator’s voice from leaking into the audience and distracting audience members who are listening to the onstage speaker. The interpreter can hear the speaker’s words, but the interpreted language is transmitted to foreign language speaking audience members via radio signals, and the signal is picked up by specialized headsets that receive the message and allow those audience members to hear the interpreter’s words without interrupting the flow of the speaker’s presentation.

To help facilitate the interpretation services, American Language Services provided three encapsulated sound booths capable of isolating the interpreters from the audience, yet allowing them to hear the speaker. Along with the sound booths, AML-Global also provided 25 HED 021 – Deluxe Folding Headsets & 8-Channel WB 3V Receiver, as well as a technician to ensure that all of the equipment functioned properly at all times.

AML-Global maintains its own supply of highly professional transmission equipment, which is stored in locations around the country, which allows us to provide fully equipped, on-the-spot interpretations services. Our strategically located storehouses of equipment also help cut down delivery time and shipping costs.

American Language Services, in addition to performing language and American Sign Language interpreting, also performs language translation services, transcription services, dubbing services, voiceover services and graphic design services. The principal mission of American Language Services is to provide the highest quality language expertise to our valued clients around the world. We believe that by helping bridge the communication gap between individuals, companies, governments, cultures, races and religions around the globe, we can help make the world a little smaller and enhance the overall quality of life.

American language services, in addition to performing language and American Sign Language interpreting, also performs language translation services, transcription services, dubbing services, voiceover services and graphic design services.

US Attorney working with AML-Global in Los Angeles

AML-Global has contracted with governmental clients for many years and has worked with several different sects of the US Attorney’s Office. For the past several months, the LA Criminal division of the US Attorney’s Office has contracted with AML-Global to assist them with transcription and translation projects in Armenian, Cambodian, Vietnamese and English for an ongoing criminal case. 
In May, the US Attorney’s Office contacted AML-Global to provide transcription services from English to English and Armenian to English for the same ongoing case. For this particular project, AML-Global was given 2 hours of audio in CD format. A majority of the audio was in English, but also had a substantial amount of Armenian language mixed in on the audio files. Once the project was formally approved by the client, AML-Global’s Operations team sourced the English audio to our best English typists and sourced the Armenian portions to our best Armenian typists who have partnered with AML-Global for years to provide excellent transcription, translation and interpreting services. Our typists used transcription equipment to assist them with accuracy and efficiency during the course of the project and both English and Armenian to English transcripts were delivered to the client on-time. 
The US Attorney Office continues to contract with AML-Global regarding their language needs for this particular criminal case as well as their other translation and transcription needs.

AML-Global assists Hewlett-Packard with Conference Interpreting and Equipment Needs

May was a busy month for large scale conferences and Hewett Packard was one of the many companies that came to AML-Global to assist them with their conference interpreting and equipment needs. 
The Hewett Packard Discover 2011 Conference was a 3 day event starting on 6/5/11 and ending on 6/7/11. Interpreting in 3 different languages was requested, included Mandarin, Korean and Japanese. The event was held at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, NV and according to the HP website, it was held as a new Enterprise Business event for all alumni of HP Software Universe, HP Technology Forum and HP Technology@Work. The event allowed its participants to experience HP’s entire portfolio products, solutions and services and many of HP’s high profile members were in attendance. The event included online content, select breakdown sessions, demos, exhibitors, streaming video, track keynotes plus post-event activities as well.  AML-Global scheduled 2 interpreters per language per day for the event and scheduled linguists with technology expertise to better assist the participants. 
AML-Global also assisted HP in equipment rental for the event which included portable transmitters for each interpreter and headset & receiver sets for each of the participants requiring interpreting services. Before the event, our interpreting department scheduled the interpreters several weeks in advance and provided the speakers with all pertinent information to successfully interpret for the assignment at hand. The client was sent all confirmation materials and all equipment was quality checked before leaving our facilities. The event was a successful one and AML-Global looks forward to working with this client for all their future language and equipment needs.

A Loose Interpretation

Though often mistaken for its written counterpart: Translation…Interpreting is an art unto itself. As we previously discussed, Interpreting is the verbal relaying of information from one language to another. Interpreters are utilized to relay information between interested parties for all of the spoken languages of the world, including American Sign Language, which is “spoken” by the hearing impaired community.

Interpreters are utilized by all facets and walks of life, so to speak, and therefore must have an inherent, colloquial understanding of language and its dialects; and the keen ability to decipher meaning as opposed to the verbatim relaying of information. Common vernacular phrases, jokes, jargon and the like, are often very difficult to relay in different languages or dialects because of cultural differences and status quo norms; so interpreters must, in a split second, understand and convey the essence of what is being said as opposed to exactly what is said.

For instance, the English phrase, pulling your leg means that someone is teasing or attempting a sarcastic or facetious joke. If one were to interpret this phrase into Spanish, one would not use the same terminology. In Spanish the phrase, tomando tu pelo would be used, which literally means taking your hair. Neither of these phrases involves the direct action that they reference, but rather, imply a colloquialism that has come to mean playing a facetious or sarcastic joke. Because spoken language is often less formal than written language, and is riddled with jargon, slang, and cultural colloquialisms, interpreting requires keen vernacular understanding of such phrases, regardless of the type of assignment.

Interpreting is used in a variety of fields, including recreation, business, and for legal proceedings. Interpreters escort families and dignitaries on trips for business and leisure; they interpret for multilingual business conferences, negotiations, and meetings; and they interpret for legal proceedings such as depositions, mediations, and trials. They are also used by schools to relay student information for non-English speaking, or hearing impaired parents. For each of these fields, an interpreter must carefully listen to, retain, process, and relay information between parties attempting to communicate, and must discern the attempted meaning of the information relayed.

While information may be scripted and or rehearsed for business conferences, most other fields of interpreting involve in the moment assessment that can prove rather challenging. This is especially true for Simultaneous Interpreting, which is spoken with only a split second delay after the originating language is spoken. This type of Interpreting is more difficult and often more costly than the other two types of Interpreting: Consecutive Interpreting and Chutocage Interpreting.

Consecutive Interpreting is interpretation which contains a pronounced delay after the originating language is spoken. This gives the interpreter a brief moment to assess and relay what was said. However, this is challenging as well, as the interpreter must accurately retain the information, and must, often, take copious notes to maintain the integrity of the interpretation.

The third type of Interpreting is Chutocage Interpreting or Whispered or Huddled Interpreting. This type, though more rare than the other two, can be utilized for gaming, leisure, and court Interpreting; or any event where an audible interpretation would disturb those nearby in a proceeding or event. Interpreter booths, microphones, and headsets can also be used to ensure that interpretation can be relayed without disturbing those who do not need it.

Besides vernacular understanding and information-retention complications, legal and medical matters provide yet another set of complications. Many states require certification of interpreters who interpret for court, legal, or medical related matters. This is to ensure that the interpreter is not only familiar with conversational jargon and vernacular word usage, but also with legal and/or medical terminology. In California, for instance, the twelve most-requested languages require certification for court related matters: Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Armenian (Eastern and Western), Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Tagalog, Arabic, Vietnamese and American Sign Language. Many states also require certification of medical interpreters as well so that pertinent health information is properly relayed. Certification processes, whether state or federal, medical or legal, ensure the ability and knowledge of an interpreter, and provide a standard for their respective industries.

Interpreting, with its multifaceted usage, enables the world to communicate both personally and professionally. Interpreting provides for, and ensures multicultural diversity for the inhabitants of the entire speaking world—whether they speak the little known African dialect of Wolof; the world’s most abundantly spoken (per capita) language, Mandarin Chinese; or the most universally spoken…English.