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There’s no Business like Show Business

One great thing about being in the language business is how many different industries we can play a part in. And the entertainment industry is one that we at American Language Services really enjoy.

Widely known for our industry leading foreign-language translation and interpretation services and our breadth of expert linguists who work in nearly every language on earth, we’re also known in Hollywood — and many other entertainment nexuses — for our excellent media services: voiceovers, subtitling and dubbing.

Being based in Los Angeles (with fourteen locations throughout the U.S.) for nearly 30 years has allowed us to build professional relationships with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry: ABC, 20th Century Fox, Disney, Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers and many more. They choose American Language Services again and again for our linguistic, operational and customer service excellence.

You may have already seen or heard our work without even knowing it while you watched your favorite TV show or movie. By blending the work of our talented dubbing artists with the latest sound and image technologies, American Languages Services produces some of the best dubbing work in the industry. And because we also translate in more than 240 languages, entertainment industry leaders look our way when they need help with a foreign language film release in the U.S. or a U.S. film release overseas.

And while we love helping Hollywood actors speak fluent Mongolian, Khmer or Albanian on screen, we also love adding an off-screen voice — voice over — to commercials, TV shows and movies. It’s the narrative that sells the hamburger or the voice in a character’s head, even when the character’s a dog, a cat or whatever.

Of course not all foreign language films use dubbing. Some use a technology invented much earlier: subtitling, which is also an American Language Services specialty. Subtitling, first used on foreign films, was later adopted so that individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing could enjoy filmed entertainment as well.

And subtitling, or closed captioning, is only one of the services we offer for those with hearing difficulties. Our experienced and certified ASL interpreters work at all levels of government, business and education. We also offer CART, which works like this: a CART writer transcribes into text what is being said with little or no delay. The text is then displayed on a monitor and can be read during live events.

From media services to translation and interpretation — even American Sign Language— American Language Services has become the trusted source for our clients who rely on us year after year to get their message out loud and clear. Contact us today and find out what we can do for you.

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Voiceover & Media Projects: AML-Global Sees Massive Increase in Voiceover Work

The translation of any text is an exacting combination of art and science. To translate a document and then localize it to an audio script takes a whole other level of expertise and is a complex process. This process requires technical expertise and highly-skilled personnel. The translation of multimedia can be one of the more complicated types of translation projects. These projects not only need translated scripts and talented voiceover artists, but they also require a recording studio and sophisticated audio software. As a result, many organizations outsource these services to a more dedicated audio company. But thankfully, American Language Services have these voiceover services built into its structure.

AML-Global has a dedicated studio to expedite and fulfill any voiceover, dubbing, subtitling & narration needs. Just over the last three months alone, AML-Global has seen explosive growth in voiceover work and has completed projects as diverse as training seminars, academic studies, and guided tours.

Recently AML-Global has completed some interesting projects involving script localization, voiceovers and narration dubbing for complex and important corporate training modules. In mid-March, Open Automation Software contracted AML-Global to complete voiceover work in Spanish for their training material. AML-Global also completed French Canadian voiceover for the implementation of fatigue management for drivers and carriers. This important study was conducted by Virginia Tech Transportation Institute. In February, we were responsible for recording dramatic readings and voiceovers in Spanish, French and German for a leading aerospace engineering firm’s training course.

In addition, AML-Global has been producing translations for all of the in-flight information for Heli USA Airways into English and Mandarin. The Las Vegas-based tourism firm wishes to better serve its growing Chinese consumer base, so they have partnered with AML-Global to achieve this goal. Thus far, AML-Global has recorded the entirety of their Las Vegas Strip Aerial Tour into English and Mandarin. We anticipate providing additional languages in the up-coming months for the same company. These are but a few examples of the ever-increasing projects AML-Global is doing on a regular basis.

AML-Global anticipates even more voiceover and narration over the course of 2013, and as a result, they have increased their voiceover talent and capabilities to produce truly stellar results.

Multiple Language Voiceover Requests

American Language Services has been busy with voiceover requests early in 2012. For example, one of our current voiceover projects in production for a medical client includes voiceover in 15 different languages including: Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Italian, Kannada, Korean, Marathi, Malayalam, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish and Telugu. The project includes voiceover of a Consumer Animation Narration script. The client selected to use a variety of male and female speakers for each of the 15 languages. Before the voice talent was sent into our recording studio, 15 different translators translated the English script into each corresponding language. Once the script was processed through our Quality Assurance department to be finalized, the scripts were sent to each of the hand selected voiceover talent individuals to familiarize themselves with the material before recording. The voiceover talent was selected by a client review of several 2-3 minute voiceover demos/samples and through previously selected talent for past projects for this same client. Recording each language will begin this week, to be followed by our extensive post production and editing procedures before each audio file is finalized and delivered to the client.

American Language Services prides itself on being able to successfully support voiceover requests in exotic languages every day and we look forward to continuing to provide exemplary voiceover services in the future.

Rockwell Collins: Foreign Language Voiceover Needs for Training

As discussed in April, Rockwell Collins is one of the many international companies that contract with AML-Global for their foreign language voiceover needs. Rockwell contacted AML-Global again this month to provide voiceover work in several languages for an ethics training program. A vast majority of Rockwell’s voiceover needs pertain to online training for their employees all over the world.

As is usual for Rockwell, the voiceover language needs were requested in French, Spanish & German. The German was put on hold initially, but eventually send in for production as well. One male and one female speaker were requested per language. Once the project was formally approved by the client, our Interpreting department worked with both the voiceover talent and our voiceover studio in order to set up a time to begin recording and production. Many of the voiceover talent have previously worked on voiceover projects for Rockwell Collins, so they were already familiar with the training platform of the project. Once recording began, the engineers ensured each line was said properly to meet the client’s requirements and edited as necessary. Once recording and post production was completed, the audio files were sent to our Project Managers for additional quality checking.

The final audio files were delivered to the client on time and in the specified format. View Samples of our voiceover work.
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